We are proud designers of the Sunshine Coast Robotics BootCamp for all-age students, educators and makers. We love robotics and see the important role it will play in future employment and how it plays a critical role in developing young, and old minds. We have a strong partnership with Tribotix Australia and believe strongly how robotics prepares the mind for higher learning in engineering, science electronics or design.


See our sister website for specific details on our Robotics BootCamp.       www.celeritasrobotics.com

Robotis OP/OP2/OP3

Advanced Engineering/Research Robot System

Robotis Bioloid


  • most versatile/best value robot:  29 different configurations!

  • remote control or fully programmable

  • easy software a 3D imaging control

  • incredible middle and senior school robot

  • humaniod 370mm tall

  • rock climbing, bike riding, bootcamp. This robot can do it all.

  • see student challenge work with boiloid on our sister site:



  • Default walking speed: 24.0 cm/sec (9.44 in/sec) 0.25 sec/step - user modifiable gait

  • Default standing up time from ground: 2.8 sec (from facing down) and 3.9 sec (from facing up) - user modifiable speed

  • Intel Atom N2600 @1.6 GHz dual core, RAM 4GB DDR3, 32GB mSATA

  • 20 actuator modules (6 DOF leg x2+ 3 DOF arm x2 + 2 DOF neck)

  • Actuators with durable metallic gears

  • 1800mAh LIPO Battery (30 minutes of operations), charger, and external power adapter

  • 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, button x3, detection microphone x2


Robotis DARwin-mini


  • gesture, voice or phone app control

  • sensor expansion capability

  • awesome junior and senior school robot system

  • easy to use software

  • you can 3D print customized parts!

Robotis STEM


  • 7 design options

  • designs specifically for STEM applications

  • with an expansion kit, a total of 48 chassis systems

  • Dynamixel AX-12W servos

Robotis DREAM


  • great little robot build 

  • introduce your students to levers, actuators, inertia with DREAM

  • check out multiple configurations below:

Robotis PLAY 300

Robotis PLAY 600

DINOs : Bluebird, Puppy, Cricket, and more!

PLAY 300 : uses 6mm grid parts (smaller parts)

PETs : Triceratops, Tyranno, Brachio, and more!

PLAY 600 : uses 12mm grid parts (bigger parts)

Improve concentration!

Easy Rivet assembly!

Build  7 robot examples